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Dear sir,

How are you? We think everything must have been going very well with the business of your company. We are interesting in your company\' s non-woven cloth and would like to know the price of it (white color). And also, may I have samples of non-woven cloth (each color)

Thanks for your valuable time to read this letter, we assure you a long-term & mutual beneficial business relationship will be established if you could kindly give us feedback along with the details of your needs. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

With best regards,

Your Sincerely



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    Dear Sir,

    Greetings. Hope things are going well with your business.

    Would you please quote me the price of with color non-woven cloth, as well provide the samples for each color?

    We look forward to a long-term and mutual benefical relationship in the short future.

    Your early reply will be highly appreciated.


    你是第一次要跟他們做生意嗎? 如果是的話要先介紹你自己跟你們公司的狀況, 譬如你們是什麼公司, 專供什麼, 大盤或中盤的市場概況, 一年的營業額大概多少 或是你們的採購能力在哪裡。

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