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can it be removed or not

i have so many files and programs in my pc, i kno if u have to manythings ur pc works slow, so right now i wanna remove or delete some files that i consider that they r useless or functionless. but i don kno wat they r and how they work, i don kno if they can be removed or not, can anybody help me???my pc is vaio laptop fj270b version. it has so many confusing things......can u tell me wat they r and how they work?

i list the programs below:

adobe photoshop album 2.0 starter edition

adobe reader 7.0.5

click to dvd 2.0.03 menu data

click to dvd 2.5.00

dvgate plus

hdaudio softv92 data fax modem with smartCP

hdaudio definition audio driver package- kb835221

image converter 2 plus

intel(r) graohics madia acclerator driver for mobile

intel(r) proset/wireless software

intervedio winDVD for vaio

J2SE runtime enviroment 5.0 update 5



memory stick formatter

microsoft .net framwork 1.1

microsoft .net framwork 1.1 hotfix(kb886903)

microsoft works

office 2003 trial assistant

openMG secure module 4.3.00

quicken 2006

realtek high definition audio driver

roxio digitalmedia audio

roxio digitalmedia copy

roxio digitalmedia data

setting utility series

sonicstage 3.3

sony certificate PCH

sony mp4 shared library

sony usb mouse

sony utility DLL

sony vedio shared library

vaio breeze wallpaper

vaio central

vaio enhancement platform

vaio event service

vaiol ight flo wallpaper

vaio media 5.0

vaio media AC3 decoder 1.0

vaio media intergrated server 5.0

vaio media redistribution 5.0

vaio media redistribution tool 5.0

vaio original screen saver

vaio original screen saver vaiocozy screen sd wide contents

vaio registration

vaio security senter

vaio support senter

vaio update 2

vaio wireless lan setup utility


window backup utility

window installer 3.1(kb893803)

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    Wow...You install many software in your NB. If you want to know detail, I'm sure I need 3 day to explain to you. For let you easy to economize your hard disk space, I suggest below list software to remove.

    1.adobe photoshop album 2.0 starter edition

    2.click to dvd 2.0.03 menu data

    3.click to dvd 2.5.00

    4.roxio digitalmedia audio

    5.roxio digitalmedia copy

    6.roxio digitalmedia data

    You can refer my suggestion....^_^ Good luck!!!

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