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第一種翻譯:【Comparing with the democratic educational institutions in the Europe and America, the practiced educational institutions in the fifty years of the Japanese Era in Taiwan are simply ascribed to a institutional and slavish system. Moreover, the aim of education under such institutions is far-fetched from the original significance of education--cultivating humanity and enlightening students. The later generations who care about education institutions should keep this in mind.】

第二種翻譯:【In comparison with European and American democratically educational systems, this is nothing more than systematic and colonial education that already deviates from the original intention of education to edify, enlighten and clarify people’s intelligence. Posterity who is concerned with educational systems should take this experience as an example in his perspective.】

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    As opposed to European and American education system that is democratic, it is nothing more than ossified, enslaved and derails the legitimate meaning of education to cultivate the innate capacities, to provide with knowledge, and to train in a particular area for a particular purpose. Those who care about the education system in the future should take it as a lesson.

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