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尼爾陞 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前


11.My father sometimes falls in the middle of a movie.

A. asleep B. sleepy C. sleep D. sleeping

12.When we want others to empty all the wine in their cups, what\'ll we say?

A. Cheers! B. Be my guest C. Bottom up! D. Shame on you.

13.My new job starts at 7:00 A.M. I\'ll have to get used to up early.

A. get B. getting C. stand D. wake

14.In these towns on the Mount Titano, you\'ll see old stone building red roofs.

A. has B. with C. have D. had

15.Kiz Kim works in U.S. hospital. She\'s a nurse.

A. an B. a C. x D. some

16.About 30 % of visitors from foreign countries.

A. comes B. go C. coming D. come

17.In the United States, only one out of twenty adults blood.

A. gives B. give C. given D. giving

18.When I say “you have a fat chance”, I mean.

A. you have a big chance B. you are getting fatter C. you have little chance D. keep the coins

19.The sentence “don\'t call me names” means .

A. don\'t call my name B. don\'t scold me C. you forget me D. call my nickname

20.This cup of coffee is on the house so that.

A. I have to pay the bill B. The cup isn’t mine C. I don\'t have to pay D. I left the cup in my house.

3 個解答

  • 2 0 年前

    11. A

    12. C

    13. B (wake up 跟 get up 都是起床之意 , 這邊需要用的是進行式 ,


    14. B

    15. A

    16. D

    17. A(這邊是說二十個中只有一個, 所以是單數)

    18. A

    19. B(call ones name 有不同種的意思 , 這邊則是代表 "責罵")

    20. C


    有寫上我的注解, 可以參考參考~

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    7 年前


  • 2 0 年前

    11. A (fall asleep) 睡著

    12. C (bottom up!) 喝光它 即乾杯之意

    13. A (get up) 起床

    14. B

    15. A

    16. D

    17. B (one out of twenty adults 指全美二十分之一的成人 應為複數)

    18. A (fat chance 指很大的機會)

    19. D (call someone names 指叫某人的小名)

    20. C (on the house 指免費的 有人請客的)

    參考資料: me