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關於英文 hurry up和 quickly 用法分別

如題 上次我們補習班老師講過 可是我忘了請大家幫幫忙阿


At first,mybookstore's business----not very good.but now it is doing quite well a is b does c was d did

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  • 杰暘
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    hurry up ﹙動詞片語﹚趕快   hurry (v.) 趕快;匆促﹙行動或移動﹚;催促~匆促﹙行動或移動﹚to move or do things more quickly than normal or to make someone do thisHurry up! 趕快!快點!Hurry!趕快!快點!﹙基本上和上面的Hurry up!意思差不多,但是加了up感覺語氣較強,且較有種「移動」的意味﹚Hurry or you'll be late.   快點,否則你將會遲到。She hurried to answer the telephone.  她趕快去接電話。I hate to hurry you, but I have to leave in a few minutes. 我不想催你,但是我必須在幾分鐘後離開。quickly (adv.) 快地;快速地;迅速地We'll have to walk quickly to get there on time. 我們得走快一點,才能準時到那裡。Quickly now, you two, daddy's waiting in the car!你們兩個,快,爸爸在車上等著呢!上面叫別人快一點的Quickly,相當於go/walk/run quickly,省略了動詞(v.),直接用副詞(adv.),這也是口頭上的祈使句常見的形式。所以,儘管hurry (up)和quickly詞性大不同,在口語上的用途卻很相似。

    參考資料: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Me
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  • 匿名使用者
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    hurry up 跟 quickly 的差別是, hurry up 是 adjective, 而 quickly 是 adverb.

    adjective 是用來補助名詞的, 而 adverb 是用來補助動詞的

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