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    Chinese Ghost Festival

    The Festival of the Hungry ghosts is on the seventh moon in the Chinese lunar calendar, on the 15th day. This year (2004) it should be the 29th of August. But some years it is in Sept.

    For one long lunar month during the Hungry Ghost Festival, ghosts are said to roam the earth. The gate of Hell is said to be opened during this month so even now that I have grown up, I still feel uncomfortable to go out at night around the Ghost Festival days!


    In the more rural areas like the outlying islands and the new territories you will see people lighting small fires by the road to burn offerings like paper money to make the ghosts more comfortable. Proper offerings also include food items like steamed chicken or roasted pork, though the family will eat the meat after the offerings. Other food items like rice, orange or apple will be left on the street as offerings.

    There will be Chinese operas in some places. Popular venues are King George V Memorial Park in Kowloon, you may also find them in Morton Terrace Playground in Causeway Bay.

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    The 15th day of the 7th lunar month is Hungry Ghost Festival as well as Zhongyuan Festival, Yu Lan Pen festival and ShiHu. It used to be a religious ceremony in India. The Buddhist would hold the Yu Lan Pen Festival in memory of their forefathers. 更多文章在:

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    >這家不錯 lv333。cC買幾次啦真的一樣


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    The 7th month in the Chinese calendar is called the Ghost Month , in which ghosts and spiritual being|spirits come out from the Underworld|lower world to visit earth. The Ghost Festival is the climax of a series of the Ghost Month celebrations. Activities at the festival include preparing ritualistic offering food, and burning Spiritual Money (or paper money) to please the visiting ghosts and spirits as well as deities and ancestors. Other activities include burying and releasing miniature paper boats and lanterns on water, which signifies "giving directions to the lost ghosts". A very solemn festival, the festival nevertheless represents a connection between the living and the dead, earth and heaven as well as body and soul.

    The Ghost Festival has roots in the Buddhism|Buddhist festival, Ullambana, and also some from the Daoism|Daoist culture. In the Tang Dynasty, the Buddhist festival "Ullambana" and traditional festivities were mixed and celebrated on one day. Thus, the Ghost Festival has special meaning for all Buddhists as one of their most important festivals.

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