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    I am a manager in the bank now, but I was not able to afford my family around 5 years ago. Life for me is no longer tough, though I don't know what will happen after another 5 years. I have just bought a house close to the bank, and not long time before, I had also bought a Benz from one of my friends who is a car salesman. He really gave me a good price! Although I have things men want to have, a wife is the next goal. Maybe other men don't get married too early, but when I am satisified with my substantial part, I need some spiritual nutrition. Therefore, I strongly believe that I will have got married after five years. But now, I'm wondering what kind of woman is my type. I remember that I was dating with a girl last Valentine's Day, but I think she's way too far for me to handle, too arrogant frankly speaking. I will be going to meet another girl this Sunday, and I have been preparing myself for it for a couple of weeks. I know I hadn't been preparing too much before I met that arrgoant girl last year. I've learnt a lesson! I need to get myself ready for anything no matter what kind of matter I am up to. This is a kind of strategy about life, so based on it, I will do my best always and have been learning new things as many as possible to achieve more successes.

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    Although I have things men want to have, a wife is the next goal. 改成Although I have things men want to have, I still feel something in lack in my life. I think I still need a wife~