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    Could you kindly please advise how's progress of the samples for the exhibition on July 29th?

    Otherwise, are you going to purchase the products we offered on (日期,我覺得這裡寫日期比較好)? You know, it's almost the end of 1H of July, please confirm ASAP because we need make sure to put it into pruduct porcedure or not.


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    Have all the samples ready for the exhibition of 29th of July? We are wondering if you are ready to place order for the product you have inquired earlier. Now is mid July already and your soonest order will be much appreciated.


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    How do you preapre the exhibition sample of July 29th?

    Will you order the good which you asked us before?

    Because it is the middle of July, if you want to order the good, please as soon as possile.

    祝你生意順利 ^___^

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