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英文單字 造句

shine generous record nealy coast beauty advertisement model look style fee employ

fear careless vacation album traditional memory slim seek fashionable cancel charge desire

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  • 1 0 年前

    1.shine = The waxed floor had a good shine.

    2.generous = He was generous to everybody with money.

    3.record = Tom had a fine record at school.

    4.nearly = She is nearly fifty now.

    5.coast = They live in a town along the coast. = She is really a beauty girl.

    7.advertisement = Advertisement helps to sell goods.

    8.model = His mother is a model of industry.

    9.look = She is look at me .

    10. style = The letter is written in a formal style.

    11.fee = She feed the waiter.

    12.employ = The mill employs a thousand workers.

    13. fear = She has a great fear of water.

    14.careless = He made a careless mistake.

    15. vacation = How was your summer vacation ?

    16.album = This album is full of snapshots of Dick and Jack.

    17.traditional = Women are questioning their traditional role in society, as wives

    and mothers.

    18.memory = She has a goof memory for names.

    19.slim = He lived on a slim income. = They were seeking employment.

    21.fashionable = She often wears a fashionable hat .

    22.cancel = You should cancel this preposition in the sentence.

    23.charge = Please charge my account.

    24.desire = People desire peace.

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