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    1. I have an uncle _____ lives in Taipei. (who)

    2. This is the house in _____ the Lins live (which)

    3. I have a friend ______ hair is black. (whose)

    4. I don't understand ______ you say? (what)

    5. Which is the pen _____ you want? (that)

    6. I, who _____ blind can give one hint to those ____ can see. (am/ who)

    7. Mary is that girl _____ we met at the party last night. (whom)

    8. Look at the girl and her cat _____ are playing in the park. (that)

    9. The books _______ I borrowed yesterday are good. (which)

    10. My aunt _____ clothes is black is a teacher. (whose)

    11. The foreigner ______ lives near me is a teacher. (who)

    12. 找出錯誤的 ( 4)

    1. The man who I work with is very nice.

    2. The man who I work with is a good man.

    3. The man that I work with is Mr. Brown.

    4. The man with that I work is an American.

    13. It is you that ______ not honest. (are)

    14. This is one of the best books ______ worth reading many times.

    1. which is 2. that is 3. that are 4. which are (3)

    15. He ______ hard will succeed. (3)

    1. that work, 2. who work, 3.who works

    16. 合併句子

    1. John has a sister.

    Her name is Amy.

    2. Do you know that girl?

    We met her in the bookstore.

    3. That is the pen.

    My brother gave me yesterday.

    4. This is my uncle.

    His glasses is green.



    2006-07-15 21:03:31 補充:


    1. John has a sister whose name is Amy.

    2.Do you know that girl whom we met in the boostore.

    3. That is the pen which my brother gave me yesterday.

    4. This is my uncle whose glasses is green.

    參考資料: 國中新英文法
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    1.This book is ___

    2.These books are _____

    3. It is ___

    參考資料: 我的文法書