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請給我”Slum Village”的歌詞!!!

請嘻哈達人幫我找\"Slum Village\"一首歌的歌詞,歌名是\"Reunion\"我去好多國外的網站找過了,可是都沒有,可以幫幫我嗎!!我很想要這首歌的歌詞!!!

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  • 1 0 年前

    "Reunion"{Verse 1} Yo L and Ten kill'n em, Three kill'n 'em You thought we broke up but we was reassembalin Ladies and gentlemen you barewitnessin The villa on some classic shit like vans in balims Its' the gorrila pimps, we bustin denim in the club That you cant wear ya denim in Freakin a rhyme til every line ends with a then and than You dont wanna rump and stomp in Timberlands Shout to my nigga Killagan And all of my peps that rep more D then 12 Eminems Who let the dogs out and let Dilla in? Fuck wit this is ya loss Gilligan Sounds simila I'm not feelin 'em Get the bars like Venus in Wimbelon While I'm in them fly whips five Will and them On some Kim and them All About the Benjamins Still here {Chorus} Still here never left just switched the style up Came through made moves to get the crowd up Its hard time "V" time nigga ya times up Get rowed up for the Reunion {Verse 2}  L kill'n em, Dilla kill'n 'em Maybe we could hook up again back wit Ten and them together again like armed forces on some Fantastic Four or Four Horsemen Cant do it without ya crew boy Guess who boy, come'n through wit two boy Nobody but us that rap in a clutch Passed and switched it up like kids in double dutch Some couldn't feel our style or feel our Ever talked our slang never walked our roads All they know is these niggaz is tainted Don't know about those rovers that candy painted We've been miss quoted, miss con-screwed, miss understood, and over used So we take this time to set the record straight Critics skipped and did it anyway Now you hear our raps wit Dilla and you all on our team Till you heard Ten was gone was apart of he skem See! We still got love where was you at at? Just cuz a nigga go solo think we turned our bak Maybe we will reunite on some shit like that But I gotta set it straight for' you twists the facts nigga .........超過2000字,完整歌詞請見

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