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Cervical Aden carcinoma was diagnosed at 優生醫院

現在病症:This 42 y/o female, G4P2AA2, had been in well condition before. According to her statement, she suffered from the first postcoital

Vaginal bleeding 5 years ago and then subsided. She has had regular Pap smear every year

And the histology report showed normal.

However, she noted that there was postcoital bleeding almost after each intercourse.

She went to優生醫院 for help, where abnormal

Pap smear was found. Cervical conization with LEEP was done and cervical Aden carcinoma was impressed. Thus, she was refered to

Our hospital for further evaluation and management, we arranged cervical conization

With cold knife on June 10. The pathology revealed no residual malignancy. Besides, we reviewed the slide, which was done at outside. Complex glandular Aden carcinoma, early stage was diagnosed. After counseling, we arrange abdominal total hysterectomy+ bilateral salpingectomy+ cytology tomorrow.


DM(-) Hypertension(-) Admission or operation history(+) Left subclavicular bone fracture s/p operation


Drug or food allergy: (-) Smoking: (-); Alcohol: (-); Betle nut: (-)

GYN and OBS history G4P2AA2 LMP: 95.07.07

Duration/ Interval: 4~5days/28~29 days Dysmenorrhea/ Menorrhagia:+/ nill

Last pap smear: this year→ atypia cell→

Cervical conization with LEEP at 優生醫院→ adencarcinoma→

Cervical conization with cold knife at our hospital, no residual malignancy

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    子宮頸阿噸癌被診斷了在:This 42 y/o 女性, G4P2.AA2, 是在好的情況以前。達成協議對她的聲明, 她遭受了第一postcoital 陰道靈菌5 年前和然後消退了。她有規則Pap 汙跡每yearAnd 組織學報告被顯示normal.However, 她注意到, 有幾乎postcoital 靈菌在各往來以後。她去為幫助, abnormalPap 汙跡被發現。子宮頸conization 與LEEP 做了並且子宮頸阿噸癌被銘記了。因而, 她是refered 對我們的醫院為進一步評估並且管理, 我們安排了子宮頸conizationWith 冷的刀子在6月10 日。病理學沒有顯露殘餘的敵意。其外, 我們回顧了幻燈片, 完成在外部。複雜腺阿噸癌, 早期被診斷了。在建議以後, 我們安排胃腸共計hysterectomy+ 雙邊salpingectomy+ 細胞學tomorrow.DM(-) Hypertension(-) 入場或操作history(+) 左subclavicular 骨頭破裂s/p operationDrug 或食物過敏: (-) 抽煙: (-); 酒精: (-); Betle 堅果: (-)gyn 和OBS 歷史G4P2.AA2 LMP: 95.07.07Duration/ 間隔時間: 4~5days/28~29 幾天Dysmenorrhea/ Menorrhagia:+/ nillLast pap 汙跡: 這year.砡typia cell.□rvical conization 與LEEP 在.砡dencarcinoma.□rvical conization 與冷的刀子在我們的醫院, 沒有殘餘的敵意

    我不知是嘛?怪怪的翻譯機有問題= =

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