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下列旅遊句子中翻英 要怎麼翻呢





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    1. Builds Czechoslovakia to transport 木柵 the zoo May trade the

    public vehicle The taxi goes to gulf Laokay to eat the

    strong-smelling fermented beancurd Or sits Czechoslovakia to

    transport the scenery beautiful night market to eat the thing


    Builds Czechoslovakia to transport the fresh water Swims fresh water

    Laokay also to have the red hair city Goes to the opposite shore

    eight miles to eat the peacock spiral Swims 13 lines of cultural

    buildings Evening goes to the fisherman wharf.. Neighbor has very

    many scenic spots

    3. Builds Czechoslovakia to transport the small blue

    deep pool to play treads ship

    4. Trades in the train station rides on

    the public vehicle Yangming

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    1. You can take the MRT to 木柵 zoo. From there, you can either take the bus or taxi to 深坑 township and try the stinky to-fu there, or you can take the MRT to 景美 night market to enjoy the Taiwanese cuisine.

    2. Take the MRT to 淡水. Once there, you can either tour 淡水 township, Fort Santo Domingo, across the river to 八里 for 孔雀螺, 十三行 Cultural Museum, or Fishermen's Warf at night. There are many other tourist attraction around.

    3. Take the MRT to 小碧潭 and play the pedalos.

    4. Take the bus to 陽明 Mountain at the train station.