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我要應徵餐廳幹部面試, 需要英文自傳─急!!請資深經驗者幫我翻譯, 謝謝:

『我有西餐廳店長和副店長經驗, 主要負責:

1. 參與餐飲門市經營管理, 增加營業額10%

2. 門市行政與報表處理

3. 服務人員培訓. 考核. 排班. 甄選

4. 各項成本控制

5. 執行總公司制定各項政策及行銷方案』

請協助翻譯, 非常感激!!

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  • 亞兒
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    "I have the western restaurant store to grow to grow experience and vice- store, mainly being responsible for:

    1. Participate the dining retail sales management management, increase the sales amount 10%

    2. The retail sales administration and statement processing

    3.The attendant trains. Investigate. Arrange team of work. Select

    4. Various cost controls

    5. Carry out various policies of the head office establishment and sell a project"

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