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    The vulgar poem province is partial to the province of the west most for Canada, is also one of mountainous districts in North America.Because of the west Lin Pacific Ocean, this province is seen as the channel of passing in and out the Pacific Ocean and Asia.The vulgar poem province closes to second Bo to attain province and teaches a square and several American place of vacant land, including Alaska.This province weather geniality, in February early spring hour, the saffron time opens everyplace.The vulgar poem province attracts native and foreign people to come to live contiguously, having 40,000 people about to settle down here every year, the population has already amounted to 4,100,000 people at present.

    Prosper, Vancouver of the multicultural fusion, population almost 2,000,000, is Canada the third big city City, the second Chinese people's community in North America ascends the throne here, and has to print the Qiao and 24,000 days descendant's residents over 60,000s.This province capital city Victoria is located the island south of Vancouver to carry, being apart from 85 miles of American Seattle only.The Victoria population 3,120,000, the landscape is beautiful, weather a weather in Mediterranean and whole year round gentle, and have administration and make sight-seeing trip special features.The mountain area,such as the Hui Si Lei mountain, is top-grade skiing holy land in North America.And the river valley of the plentiful Rao abounds in a tasty fruit, vegetable and get the wine of the prize affirmation.Following a coast can see the small harbor, gulf and islet, the visitor can be best in the sea beach like relax to draw tight usually of nerve, and participate diving and hike, appreciate whale etc. activity.

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