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痾…問一個很瞎的問題= =+


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    That's an interesting question. Let me give you some information:How does a Giraffe move?Giraffes have two ways of moving, a loping walk and a gallop. When they walk, the animals move both feet on one side of their body in unison, followed by both feet on the other side. When they run, giraffes move the front feet together, then the back feet, swinging the hind feet up and planting them in front of the forefeet. While running, the neck of a giraffe moves backward and forward to keep the animal balanced. Giraffes have a top speed of about 56km/h (35 mph), but because its legs are so long a galloping giraffe does not appear to be going very fast.Giraffe (left), somehow walking thru/grazing on acacia thornbushes (center) with impunity; giraffe on the run (right)


    Giraffes can run very fast over short distances - as much as 35 mph. An adult giraffe's legs are five to six feet long, so this gives them a much longer stride than other animals. Giraffes legs are also strong. They can actually kill a predator with kicking blows.

    參考資料: from Tiger & google.com