Replacing WORKSTATION by your

replacing WORKSTATION by your hostname英翻中
更新: 前後文一起喔~~沒問題^^
1./ Install ArcGis License Manager
2./ Select "I received the license by fax" then click on CREATE & EDIT
3./ Enter "NNISO WE LOVE YOU" & click on OK (ignore the following errors)
click next and finish the installation
更新 2: 5./ Copy arcgis.exe & license.dat (in Crack/ESRI.rar) to the installed directory
(c:\program files\esri\license\arcgis9x) overwrite
6./ Edit license.dat , replacing WORKSTATION by your hostname
7./ Start lmtools (License Manager Tools)
更新 3: 8./ Click on Configuration using Services and choose "ArgGIS license server"
9./ Then Click Configure Services ans set
Path to the license file :
c:\program files\esri\license\arcgis9x\license.dat (for instance)
10./ Click on Save Service
11./ Click on Start/Stop/Reread & Start Server
更新 4: You can Click on Server Diagnostic to make sure all went fine.
12./ You are done - Congrats
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