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    1.The objective of a firm turns to pursue how to maximize value of all the stakeholders' instead of shareholders' in the past time.2. The long-term value of a firm is depended on whether it can effectively manage the relationship with stakeholders, besides, also take care of the interests of stakeholders with balance.

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    筆誤更正1.The objective of a firm turns to pursue how to maximize value of all the stakeholders instead of shareholders in the past time.

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    1.企業的經營目標亦從過去的股東(shareholder)價值最大化,轉為追求企業所有利害關係人(stakeholders)整體價值的最大化。1. The objective of a firm also turns to pursuing overall value to maximum for all of the stakeholders of the firm.2.而企業長期的價值則取決於能否有效地處理與各利害關係人的關係,並均衡地考慮各利害關係人的利益要求。2. And the long-term value of a firm depends on whether it can effectively deal with each stakeholder’s relationship, and bring to concerned for balancing each stakeholder’s interests.

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    1. Enterprise's management goal also from the past shareholder

    (shareholder) the value maximization, transferred pursue enterprise

    all formidable sponsors (stakeholders) the overall value maximization.

    2. Whether but is the enterprise long-term value decided by

    effectively processes with each formidable sponsor's relations, and

    balanced considers each formidable sponsor's benefit request.

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