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annie 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

(急)請高手幫中翻英 翻譯埃 及 -- 金字塔 介紹!!

請英文高手幫翻譯!!埃 及 -- 金字塔 介紹!

這週要做埃 及 -- 金字塔 介紹 要英文的 這可難倒我嚕!翻譯機翻起來都怪怪低!


埃 及 -- 金字塔

埃及金字塔 大約建於公元前2700-2500年,是一個由萬多塊石砌成的立體三角形建築物,據知 埃及金字塔是古埃及的國王的墳墓,聽聞那些空的墓室是給國王的靈魂 ! 金字塔 是有保鮮功能,食物很久也不會腐壞,所以木乃伊便可保存得更好。 金字塔究境是如何建築的呢 ? 這個還是一個迷 !!


*聽說 超過5行的翻譯會被刪除 如果真的太長請直接MAIL給我 謝謝

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    Egypt – Pyramid

    The Egyptian Pyramid, a triangular pyramid was built by more then ten thousand stones around 2700-2500 B.C.E. It was reported that the Pyramid is a tomb of ancient Egyptian king and rumored that the empty mastabah was reserved for king’s soul. The Pyramid has protective function to keep food from spoiling for long time, and that is why mummy could be preserved better. How to build the Pyramid after all? It is still confusing

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    Egypt- PyramidThe Egyptian pyramid sets up about in 2700-2500 B.C., is a is carved by more than ten thousand stones of stereoscopic triangle building, according to know the Egyptian pyramid is the king's grave of ancient Egypt, hear those get empty of the last homes rooms are to give king of soul! The pyramid has already protected fresh function, the food can't rot, either for a long time, so the mummy can keep then better. Is pyramid's investigating Jing to how construct? This is a fan still!! 

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