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從倫理層面、宗教層面、法律層面、女性主義層面探討代理孕母(surrogate motherhood)政策所引起的爭議。雖然來自各層面的反對聲浪不斷,阻礙代理孕母政策的合法化,但唯有了解這些爭議,才能在所有利益中取得平衡,將傷害減至最低,進而促成代理孕母的立法。

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    From ethics, religion, law, and feminism to discuss about surrogate motherhood. although the continuing objections bring about from different aspects, and these obstacles defer the surrogate motherhood to be legalized; however, only to understand the essential problem can get the best profit between each other; moreover, to minialize the damage to procure the legality of surrogate motherhood.

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    Discuss and act as agent the pregnant mother (surrogate motherhood ) the dispute caused of policy from the doctrine aspect of ethics aspect , religion aspect , legal aspect , woman. From every aspect the opposition the roar is constant, hinder the legalizing of agent's pregnant mother's policy, but only find out about these disputes , could make the balance in all interests , will injure and minimise, and then will help to act for the legislation of the pregnant mother.

  • Inquire into a surrogate mother(the surrogate motherhood) the controversy caused by policy from the ethics level, religious level, law level, female doctrine level.Although come from the objection voice of each level continuously, obstruct surrogate mother's policy to legalize, understand these controversies only, can achieve balance in all benefits, reducing injury to go to lowest, then help realize the surrogate mother's lawmaking.

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