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求Stagga Lee的Rock Ya Body英文歌詞

我很喜歡這首歌 我想知道他的歌詞

不用中譯 感謝~

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    "Rock Your Body (Mic Check 1, 2)" ~ Stagga Lee[Chorus: Vice Verse]Rock your body, mic check 1, 2Becuase it ain't a party til my crew run throughShake some body, show me what you can do - like Ohhh, OhhhRock your body, mic check 1, 2DJ spin the needle, rock into the grooveBump it louder so the crowd wanna move - like Ohhh, Ohhh[Stagga Lee]Yo, I blaze the illestSo much skill, its impossible for you not to feel usThe realest, MC that you ever met in your lifeI'm tryna see you workPut a little sweat in your lifeI got an idea, and it might sound sillyBut I wanna roll your body in a tight brown PhillyCrack it, lick it up, seal it, air tightGet a light, because you know we gonna burn it all nightAnd I just might, double the ice on dentalAnd if you double the price, Me and Vice rock in[Chorus][Stagga Lee]Like BOOM! I be at the hotel soonWe gonna put the lens on zoom, Benz on VROOOM!As long as you got the right perfumeAint no body checkin out the telly till noonYou should get a Stag top, on the backboneStag rap, I'm peelin off them tight Sassoon'sHoneys stop breathin when I step in the roomAnd ain't nobody leavin when I set it with the BOOM![Chorus][Vice Verse]I like it when you work it for me lady, see you do that BOOM! BOOM!I like the way you work that for meIf you wanna party baby we can get together, BOOM! BOOM!Cuz you know you make me so hornyMaybe you a hottie when you get up on the floor and BOOM! BOOM!Never wanted someone so badlyWe can leave the club, and hit the telly, get a room BOO-BOOM! BOOM![Stagga Lee] Leave the club, get a telly, BOOM! BOOM! [claps][Vice Verse] Let's go! All my ladies.. sing along, C'MON![Maxine]We can party till the night is throughSo baby tell me what you wanna doGot the keys to the hotel roomYou know I got my eyes on youHand bumpin up and down my thighsI'm starin at you with my bedroom eyesThe way I'm lookin, boy your so, so fineSo we can get it on tonight.........超過2000字 其餘詳見:

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