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In recent years, It starts to promote conforms to the futures goods ware that the various investor wants in Taiwan, but phenomenon of the information asymmetry has been being existed in on the market transaction both sides respectively for ware different degree of knowledge. However, whether is exist the futures market still phenomenon of the information asymmetry or not? If it exists its phenomenon, whether did influence Investment Behavior of investor in the futures market? Besides, Is choose the investment investor different investment strategy to impact speculate results of Investment Performance? Topic that every above-mentioned doubtful point is all desired most ardently and understood by this study.

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    In recent years, Taiwan has begun to promote various forward commodities to satisfy investors' needs. Information asymmetry situation has existed between business transactions and different levels of perspectives of the commodities in the market.  However, does the same situation still exist today? If it still does, does it affect investor's behavior in the foward market? Also, do different investment strategies influence the results? This article will point out the answers to these issues.

    參考資料: 住美國十幾年的我
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    In recent years, Taiwan has begun to promote different future commodities to satisfy different needs. Information asymmetry has long existed between different commodities in the market; however, does the phenomenon still exist today? If it does, does it affect investor's behavior? Also, do different investmnet strategies influence the portfolio performance? This article hopes to probe these issues.

    參考資料: me
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