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我記得歌詞中有 one,..... two,....... three,..... four,....

我蠻久前看MTV有介紹到 最近聽廣播也聽到


如果有MV的話更好 3q^^

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    http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ferrero&article_id=41309... 因為 最近 怪怪的 說Back at one    Brian McKnightIt's undeniable that we should be togetherIt's unbelievableHow I used to say that I'd fall neverThe basis is need to knowIf you just don't know how I feelThen let me show youNow that I'm for realIf all the things in time, time will reveal*One, you're like a dream come trueTwo, just wanna be with youThree, girl it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me andFour, repeat steps one through threeFive, make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is doneThen I'll start back at oneIt's so incredibleThe way things work themselves outAnd all emotionalOnce you know what it's all aboutHey And undesirable for us to be apartI never would've made it very far'Cause you knowYou got the keys to my heart**Say farewell to the dark of nightI see the coming of the sunI feel like a little childWhose life has just begunYou came and breathed new life into this lonely heart of mineYou threw out the life line just in the nick of time回到原點    布萊恩麥肯奈特不可否認,我們應該在一起實在不敢相信為何我曾經說我不可能墜入情網你必須知道如果你不知道我的感覺我要讓你知道我現在是說真的如果每件事都隨時間流長而顯露出來一.你就像是美夢成真二.我只想和你在一起三.妳可以顯而易見地  知道妳是我的唯一四.一直重複剛剛的步驟五.讓你和我相戀當我相信我的工作完成了我會重頭開始真不敢相信凡事如此完美都是感情這麼回事當妳知道這是怎麼一回事嘿!最討厭的是就是讓我倆分開但我也不會離妳太遠因為妳知道妳擁有開啟我心中的鑰匙向黑夜告別我看見了晨曦我就像個小孩像個剛開始新生命的小孩妳將新生命帶給了我,進入了我寂寞的心妳補上了我生命中的缺裂

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    是 Shayne Ward (夏恩華德)的 Back At One 嘛?

    但你說的黑人應該是Brian McKnight(布萊恩.麥肯奈特

    )的Back at one啦 ^_^

    是同一首歌但不同人唱,Brian McKnight是比較早演唱的



    如果你要完整曲子是有啦,但我沒空間 sorry

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    是可以寄給你啦 ^ ^

    參考資料: 很好聽喔!!^^
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    &search=all%20rise]你說的感覺好像是BLUE的[All Rise]

    參考資料: youtobe