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I was born in Year 67 of the Republic of China a small small village in Taichung County, there are five members in the house, the parents all have already retired, the younger brother studies in science and technology institute in Pingtung currently. The parents educated me by the democracy communication since childhood, letting I am under the environment of the concern, peace and health growth, fostered my independence independence, actively active, be responsible for of living manner. Behave sincere, work to be responsible for with quiet attention, communicate well and the team cooperates, pleased knot widely well good luck and be happy to accept the challenge and pressure.

In semester, although come out in front not, has been keeping medium up the degree. Also treated to allow duties, such as decoration helper and the service section chief...etc., also is chosen once for the model student in the junior high school period. Is a work to read in spite of in the aspects of working, part-time or full-time work, see and learn of, let me grow up a few, particularly the way of the dealing with people, also from a few works oneself more clearly future direction. The supervisor that wants to thank past particularly gives I learns in the company of chance, and the care of other colleagues, make me learn to much precious experience, so I believe aftertime in spite of the duty property held the post of why, I can work hard to learn, believing particularly and more as long as the team cooperates, can certainly resolve any problem, and complete mission smoothly. The period of the work, I work hard to obtain some licenses one after another with the oneself, having already had 9 licenses now. I always all think to learn to have no exhausted, therefore actively substantial oneself.


I feel the advantage of oneself’s character BE, the optimism is enterprising and moderates to communicate an ability good. The character of the optimism's making me meet frustrate can stand up right away, the all things hears other people talk hard.


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    I was born in a very small village in Taichung County of the Republic of China in Year 67 (1978?). There are five family members in my house. My parents both have already retired. I have a younger brother who studies currently in science and technology institute in Pingtung.

    I have learned to communicate in democratic way from my parents since childhood. They also provide me a place to grow in peace, healthy and lots of care. They help me to grow independently, active in lifestyle, taking care of my own living, humble manners, taking responsibility, attention to detail, well communication, team player, open mind, working under pressure and always looking for challenges.

    During my studies, the final result not pushing me to the top of the class, however, it is above average. I also taken up some special duties, such as decoration helper and the service section chief...etc. During my junior high school, I once had been chosen as a School Dean.

    In my various types of works, either part-time or full-time jobs, I have constantly learned from people around me. It helped me to communicate with people. And also, those jobs help me to understand clearly for my future direction. In one of my past jobs, a supervisor who thanks me for working with them and also took good care of other colleagues, it encourages me to utilise the skills and experiences I’ve gain from them.

    I believe I can work hard and also a fast learner. I strongly believe in team cooperation that certainly can solve any problem and achieve mission easily. While I was working in the past, I also studied to obtain some licenses one after another. I have now got 9 licenses. I always think that learning has no end; therefore I actively enhance myself with knowledge.

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    同樣地,寫不進去,最後一段:I believe the advantage of staying optimism can make me in a position of being enterprising and moderate when communicate with other people. It also helps me to move away from the frustration quickly. That has been said by most people about me.