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    Just as “Brokeback Mountain” has become a pop-culture phenomenon in the United States, a gay-themed movie has racked up big box-office in South Korea.“King and the Clown” — about a delicately effeminate male clown caught between the affections of a despotic king and a fellow performer — has sold more than 11 million tickets through Sunday since its Dec. 29 premiere, making it the third-most popular film ever in this conservative country.Kong-gil, the gentle-faced male clown who portrays the woman in the skit, draws the king’s attention — staging private puppet shows to Yonsan’s delight but evoking the jealousy of clown leader Jang-saeng, who has always protected his friend from other men’s amorous advances.The movie is based on a fictional play that was inspired by a brief mention in the king’s diary about his favorite clown.Homosexuality has only recently gained some acceptance in South Korean society. In April 2004, the government removed homosexuality from a list of “socially unacceptable sexual acts.”Director Lee Jun-ik said he’s been surprised by the success of “King and the Clown,” which was made for $4.5 million, and feels it comes from the audience’s enjoyment at seeing a window into palace life and the class differences between the aristocracy and lowly clowns — not because of the homosexual theme.Actor Lee Jun-gi, who plays the clown Kong-gil, has enjoyed growing popularity because of the film.He told the AP that among the movie’s attributes is that various audience interpretations are possible. “I feel proud of creating a unique character,I hope people’s views toward homosexual love could be more broad-minded, and treated the same as love between others, through this success of the movie,” He said.

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    King and the Clown

    Wangeui Namja

    (South Korea)

    A Cinema Service release and presentation, in association with CJ Entertainment, of an Eagle Pictures production, in association with Cineworld. (International sales: CJ, Seoul.) Produced, directed by Lee Jun-ik. Screenplay, Choi Seok-hwan, based on the play "Yi" (Generosity).

    With: Kam Woo-seong, Jeong Jin-yeong, Gang Seong-yeon, Lee Jun-gi, Jang Hang-seon, Yu Hae-jin, Jeong Seok-yong, Lee Seung-hun, Woo Hyeon.


    A B.O. sensation in South Korea, 16th-century costumer "King and the Clown" is a well acted but extremely talky dramedy about amorous jealousies between a king, his lady and two male traveling performers. On March 5, pic became the country's all-time highest grosser, with 11.75 million admissions ($72 million) -- and counting -- some two months after its Dec. 29 release. Homosexual angle will propel the film into gay situations, but uninteresting direction, two-hour running time and dialogue that's difficult to do justice to in subtitles will severely limit offshore chances.

    Gong-gil (Lee Jun-gi), who specializes in female roles, and Jang-seng (Kam Woo-seong) are arrested in Seoul for a street act satirizing the ruthless King Yonsan (Jeong Jin-yeong) and his ambitious consort, Nok-su (Gang Seong-yeon). Thesps win their freedom, and stay on at the palace; but the king becomes obsessed with beautiful Gong-gil, to the consternation of Jang-seng and the fury of Nok-su, who plots against Gong-gil's life. Film is pleasingly, though not lavishly, designed, and boasts strong perfs by both Kam and Jeong. Gay elements are largely unexplicit. A fresh translation, as "The Court Jester," is reportedly under way.

    Camera (color), Ji Gil-ung; editors, Kim Sang-beom, Kim Jae-beom; music, Lee Byeong-woo; art director, Gang Seung-yong. Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival (market), Feb. 9, 2006. Running time: 120 MIN.

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