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    I was so disappointed and upset when your mom told me you would be back to Taiwan for the summer. But that is all right, I will keep waiting for you to return. We must get together and catch up with each other. I am so happy every time I receive your email. Are you going anywhere for the summer vacation? I have sent you some photos, can you send me some as well? I have visited your blog to see your photos. You look just like the way you were at elementary school, nothing has changed about you. Ha!!

    希望你和 Jeff 能早日碰面.

    參考資料: 北美十二年
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    Jeff, when your mom told me that you couldn't come back to Taiwan for summer, I was very disappointed and also very upset. But it's okay, I'll keep on waiting you come back. When you arrive, we'll have a great gathering. Whenever I received your e-mail, I was very delighted. How have you planned to spend your summer? I sent your some photos of mine before. Could you please send me back some of yours too? I did go to your web site and look around to some of your photos. You looked totally the same as when you were in primary school. ^ ^

    F.Y.I 若有錯誤請多詣教。

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    有 typing error 在 第四行 對不起,應該是 "I sent you some photos of mine before."