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甚麼是”Flying Manta Ray”?

甚麼是"Flying Manta Ray"?據說是ㄧ個新型水上活動可以詳細描述一下嗎?

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    Flying Manta Ray Inflatable: 為一種能短暫騰空像是能飛起來之不同於水翼艇的充氣膨脹型船隻。

    Unlike towable watercraft that stay on the surface of the water, this inflatable watercraft and its rider are able to rise above the surface and hover in the air at speeds as low as 23 miles per hour. The 11' wingspan not only allows the craft to fly, it also provides a stable ride for up to two people, with two integrated neoprene seats and footrests. The double-hull design increases stability and strength. A two-position rope bridle gives the rider control of the tilt and direction on the water; an included safety strap can be installed to prevent hovering for beginners or young riders...


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    不同於 牽引式氣墊船停留在水的表面之行走方式,Flying Manta Ray Inflatable 可持續地騰空於水的表面之上,並以 23 英哩/小時的低速 停留於空氣中而行走 (像是飛行般)

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    它還是可乘載 兩人的像飛行般之水上活動...Manta: 一種粗布製品; Flying Manta Ray Inflatable:一種藉充氣膨脹成形的粗布製品之水上飛行活動船具...

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