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西元一八○九年,在一個荒涼的肯德基州農場裡,誕生了一位叫 亞伯拉罕.林肯 的小嬰兒,他就是末來第十六任的美國總統。林肯十五歲的時候才開始認字母,每天早晚都要走四哩的森林小路到校求學。他買不起算術書,特地向別人借,再用信紙大小的紙片抄下來,然後用麻線縫合,做成一本自製的算術書。他以不定期上課的方式在校求學,知識都是〝一點一點學的〞。他所受的正規教育,總計起來上學的日子不過十二個月左右。林肯能在很艱難的情況下發奮讀書,是林肯不向命運屈服的表現,也是我們應該向林肯學習的地方。林肯下田工作的時候,也將書本帶在身邊,一有空閒就看書。中午吃飯時,也是一手拿著玉米餅,一手捧書。他在被提名為總統候選人以後,曾說:「我能夠達到這一點小成果,完全是日後應各種需要,時時自修取得的知識。」林肯由一個貧窮的孩子成長為統率美國的政治家的歷程,深深地打動著我,他成功的關鍵在於奮發向上,努力不懈,迎接生活的挑戰。林肯做到了,成功了。「沒有暗礁,激不起美麗的浪花」林肯不屈服命運的精神,值得我們大家學習,一同向困難挑戰,創造出佳績。

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      In 1809 A.D., in a bleak Kentuckey state farm, were born a young baby called Abraham Lincoln, he was the 16th United States presidents in the future.

      Lincoln start to recognize the letter until 15 year-old, every day he have to walk four miles forest alley to the school for study. He cannot buy the arithmetic book, especially borrows to the others, and use the letter paper size the slip of paper to copy down, then sutures with the jute yarn, makes a self-made the arithmetic book. He was the way which non-periodically attends class studies in the school, the knowledge all is "One after another study ". He receives the regular education, amounts the all day only for 12 months which goes to school. Lincoln can vigorous study in the very difficult situation, the performance is Lincoln not submits to the destiny, also we should which studies to Lincoln.

      Lincoln works in the farmland, also carry books inside him, as soon as he has the free time to read. When noon eats meal, he is takes the corn cake, and holds book.When after he is nominated for the presidential candidate, once said "I can achieve this small achievements, completely will be should in the future each kind of need, will study

    independently the knowledge at times which will obtain." Lincoln grows since a poor child for statesman's course which commands US, deeply deeply moves me, the key which he succeeds is lying in exerts oneself upwardly, is diligently unremitting, greets the life the challenge. Lincoln was achieved, and succeeded.

      "Does not have the hidden rock, arouses the beautiful spray" Lincoln not to submit the destiny spirit, is worth our everybody study, to the difficult challenge, creates the good result together.

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