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請大家幫我改這篇英文作文 然後加點料 急!! 20點

The internet in the future

Many people can\'t live without internet because internet is really convienent. Thourgh internet, we can find most of the information we want. We can download many songs and software, we can play games online. We can even see our friend thourh internet. If their is no internet, we can\'t gather information easily and their will be less fun in life.

However, their is still something have to be change on the internet. Their is many computer virus in the internet that will make some problem in the computer. It can makes the computer slow down, break the information in the computer, or hack your account. In the future, internet should try not to let any people to put computer virus on the internet. Internet should also be classify, and that won\'t let children that are not old enough watching some website that are not available to them.

須要寫3段 我只寫了兩段 幫我加料& 批改 急件


還有誰可以幫我 !!! 拜託 幫幫忙!!! 國三的英文課本跟我寫的完全不一樣!!! 我市要寫三段才行 !!!急急急

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    The use of the Internet has become very common now. Many modern people cannot live without it. However, the Internet can be both convenient and harmful.

    Wise people use the Internet to make their lives easier and happier. They use the Net to pay bills or find the information they need. They join clubs or discussion groups which they like. On the Internet , they exchange new ideas with one another and get new knowledge in a short time.

    Other people use the Net to make trouble or get into trouble. For example, they might play on-line games all day or talk to people they don't know. Sometimes, they even get hurt and give their family a big headache.

    The Internet can be used wisely or wrongly. It is all up to the people who use it.





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