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Recently, Dr. Stuart Campbell of a private health center in London published some ultrasound

images of unborn babies between 26 and 34 weeks. The smiles of the babies in the pictures greatly shocked the public and were widely circulated on the Internet.

For the past two years, the doctor has used the medical facility in the center and has offered

state-of-the-art 3-D/4-D scanning services to expectant parents. He performs an average of 30 scans a week. His outspoken enthusiasm for this blessed technology is refreshing. “Parents love them,” he said. “I hear so many couples laughing when they see the pictures—it’s wonderful.” How have pro-abortion activists reacted after seeing the happy, grinning photos of these unborn babies?

Anne Carp, a commentator for the Guardian who bills herself as a “medical sociologist,” says the photos are simply misleading, and ridicules the anti-abortion lobby for being “intoxicated with evidence of a fetus’ humanity.” Australian Birth Control Services medical director Geoff Brodie complained that the photos “will be picked up by those groups that use anything and everything to stop abortions but ignore the fact that women have a right to choice.”

In America, the pro-abortion lobby is having the same hostile reaction. It was bad enough when conventional 2-D sonograms revealed unborn hearts beating and blurry hands waving, but the abortionists are absolutely aghast over rapidly spreading access to 3-D/4-D ultrasound technology. A writer for the liberal American Prospect said that the new technology “blurred the distinction between a fetus and a newborn infant.” Despite these strong reactions from the pro-abortionists, the right of life takes recedence over a woman’s right to choice. After all, nothing can be more persuasive than an unborn child’s beaming face.

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    近年來, 倫敦中私人健康中心的 斯圖亞特王室 Campbell 博士產生了某種超音波。

    26 和 34 星期之間的未來寶寶的圖像。 寶寶的笑容使大眾十分地震驚並使超音波難網上廣泛地流行.

    過去二年, 醫生使用了醫療中心的設施並且為充滿期待的父母提供了進步科技的3-D/4-D 掃描服務。他(醫生)平均每星期作這一種掃瞄30次。他坦率的熱情為這神聖的技術給人耳目一新的感覺。"父母親愛他們(小baby們)," 他說。"當許多夫婦看見圖片的美妙時我都會聽見他們笑聲。" 讚成墮胎的人看完了這一些在胎中快樂.歡愉.笑得高興的baby的都後.他們會作何感想呢?

    Anne Carp, 一位評論員因為宣傳自己是 "醫療社會學家的監護人," 他認為那一些圖像完全只是把人們引入歧途, 他還嘲笑反對堕胎者為"以人類的胎兒為蠱惑人的證據。" 在澳大利亞計劃生育(節育)當醫療主任的Geoff Brodie 抱怨那一些圖像"將會被那一些反堕胎的團體拿去以各種手法來禁止堕胎,但遇他會同也時忽略了婦女們有選擇的權力。

    在美國, 讚成墮胎的人有一有敵對反應。傳統的2D聲納(早期的一種和超音波工能相以的工具)顯現出在胎中的BABY的心在跳動.還沒有長完的手在揮時.但這一些幫人堕胎的人(<<--非法的)完全被那3D.4D的超音波給嚇傻了.這真是糟透了.一位作家為自由美國遠景說, 新技術"很難分別胎兒和一個新出生的嬰兒。" 儘管這些強烈的反應從讚成施行墮胎的醫師, 採取生活權利自由的婦女的選擇權。畢竟, 沒什麼能比未來的BABY的光潔天真的面孔更令人信服的..

    ...好累哦....幫你一句一句的看 ....<<--看完很快....可是要幫你用成中文 ...還要通順還滿累的 ..哈....好啦..希望對你有幫助...<<--花了我快 40分鐘..>"<

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    斯圖亞特王室 ..<<--那是打錯的 ...不要看他 ....

    參考資料: 希望對你有幫助...<<--花了我快 40分鐘..>"<
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