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敬超 發問時間: 科學地理學 · 1 0 年前




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    The national park of Taroko Gorge lies in the east of Taiwan, renowned for deep and dangerously steep marble barranca ; The rock of Dali that plate sports before hundreds of millions of years formed , is set up the fog and small stream and corroded and put and cut rising and rising with the earth's crust for a long time, form the nearly vertical Model U barranca after all . With terrain soar,climate , animals and plants ecology change thereupon too, in addition, clan culture, Japan not refined not Thai according to era and in highway opening up background not historical not horizontal, Taroko Gorge is undoubtedly an abundant Nature and Man culture and education room. No matter sinuous sand card pavement, nine hole of superb craftsmanship, waterfall , white poplar of pavement let people view of admiration for it.

    Taroko Gorge barranca except marvellous view, honest space of here contains a lot of stories about the aboriginal. As early as 200-300 years ago, the Thai refined clansman occupying the middle part originally crossed over mountain after mountain to set up the fog brook land, and settle down herein, it reaches 79 in the Thai refined clan clan of the barranca of Taroko Gorge to live scattered. People invaded with the day of 1914, the Thai refined clansman started to move to the level land, turned honestly into and awarded the scene route for the walking partly.

    參考資料: 電子辭典
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    Too the Lu Chinese style pavilion country park is located Taiwan the

    eastern part, is well-known by the profound precipitous marble canyon;

    Marble forms which after trillion year ago plate movement, is stood

    the fog brook long-term corrosion to undercut with the earth's crust

    sticks out the rise, finally forms the nearly vertical U canyon.

    Climbs along with the topography, the climate, the zoology and botany

    ecology also along with it change, in addition the peaceful elegant

    race culture, the date according to the time and center historical

    background and so on horizontal road development, too the Lu Chinese

    style pavilion without doubt are a rich nature and the humanities

    classroom. No matter is the granulated substance card footpath

    which winds, 鬼斧神工 the nine tunes hole, the Chinese white

    poplar footpath waterfall all is can let the person for it exclamation


    Too the Lu Chinese style pavilion canyon besides makes the view which

    one exclaimed in surprise, here ancient road space has also contained

    many about the original resident's story. Middle as early as in two,

    300 years ago, the Thai elegant clansmen which originally resides in

    goes over hill and dale arrives sets up the fog brook basin, and

    settles down to this, lives scatteredly amounts to 79 to too the Lu

    Chinese style pavilion canyon Thai elegant race tribe. The Japanese

    people invaded along with 1914, the peaceful elegant clansman

    beginning moved the flat land, the partial ancient roads turned for

    the healthy line enjoy the scenery route.


    參考資料: mE