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如果你旅遊英國,千萬別可錯過 英國的湖區,它的美美得令人髮指;蘇格蘭高地除了荒涼的蕭瑟還有連綿綠地的生機處處,也是讓你對英國整個改觀的重要景點。

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    【Britain and north Ireland the united kingdom 】

    Generally speak of British is Albion in the core district of the British politics what to point, and England the capital city is to know international city London.Take London as the Albion of the center of gravity, inshore there are also a lot of cities that everyone acquaints with,such as Sha, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, , Liverpool etc., also have to often appear in the related introduction of the megaliths appearance, for England this land increase how many cheery animation.

    England because the degree of latitude is lower and is apart from Europe six nearer, the 4000 B.C. has already had Europe immigrate settle down here to record, times in Rome the one-time Albion is a contacts European gate, the economic development and pleasant weather make the population density increase, making England become the most rich and populous Kingdom in the Britain islands, then fight and match a close policy to descend leader of becoming the Britain in the Zheng.

    If your tour England, must not be able to miss the lake area of England, its beautiful have to be outrageous;Scotch highland in addition to desolate and disconsolate still have a continuous greenly organic everywhere, also is let you to British whole important beauty spot that present new look.

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    Below helps me to translate the article

    [ Great Britain and Northern Ireland united kingdom ]

    Generally mentioned what England refers is English politics core region England, but the English capital namely for knows international city London. Take London as center of gravity England, within the boundaries also has the city which very many everybody is familiar with like 溫莎, Oxford, Cambridge, 伯明罕, Liverpool and so on, but also the persevering the megalith group picture which appears in the correlation introduction, increases for English this land several permits the lively vitality.

    England because the latitude lower, is apart from Ou Luchiao to be near, A.D. previous in 4000 had the European immigrant to settle down Yu Tz'u record, the Roman time before England namely for the intercourse Europe gateway, the economical development and the pleasant climate makes the population density to increase, causes England to become the British archipelago richest most and populous kingdom, then in goes on an expedition with to gather kisses the leader which under the policy becomes Britain.

    If you travel England, surely do not may miss England's lake district, it is satisfactory makes the blood boil; The Highland except is bleak 蕭瑟 also has the continuous green place the vitality everywhere, also is lets you the important scenic spot which entire has a new look to England.





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