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a. 首先當然是要把適量的水煮開,達到沸騰的程度。

b. 邊攪拌邊將粉圓徐徐倒入滾水中,此時水溫會下降,所以要持續開大火。

c. 水未煮開之前,要持續每三至五分鐘攪拌一次,免得黏鍋底。

d. 當水再度煮沸時,便將爐火轉小,維持水面輕微冒泡、滾動即可。

e. 每三至五分鐘攪拌一次,以免結塊。

f. 小火煮的時間仍然是各家產品不同(請按照包裝上的說明),萬一包裝上的說明不足,只要撈起來看看粉圓表面,若呈半透明狀就表示已完成。

g. 此時粉圓的表面熟了但內部還沒熟,所以下一個階段就要關掉爐火,開始悶粉圓。

h. 悶悶的久就比較柔軟,悶的短就比較硬較有彈性,所以隨著產品的不同與您自己對口感的要求,悶的時間由二十分鐘到五十分鐘都有。

i. 悶完之後就是要用大量的冷開水降溫,降到比體溫略高為止,即可進行下一階段。

* 為了維持好口感與食品的安全,製作好的粉圓只可常溫存放約三至四個小時而已;若真的用不完且覺得丟掉很可惜,也可放冰箱保存,只是這樣的粉圓會逐漸變硬而喪失口感。

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    How boils the tapioca circle:

    A....First certainly is must boil up the right amount water, achieves the ebullition the degree.

    B.....On the one hand stirs on the other hand slowly pours into the powder circle in the boiling water, this time the water temperature can drop, therefore must continue the fire.

    C....Before the water has not boiled up, must continue every to stir a time three to five minutes, so as to avoid mounts the bottom of the pot.

    D.....When the water boils once again, then transfers the furnace fire slightly, the maintenance water surface slight bubbling, rolls then.

    E......Every stirs a time three to five minutes, in order to avoid agglomerates.

    F.....The flame boils the time still was various product is different (please defers to on packing showing), if packs on the explanation insufficiency, so long as fishes has a look the powder round surface, if assumes the translucent shape to complete on the expression.

    G.....This time the powder circle table looked familiar but the interior not to be ripe, therefore the next stage needed to switch off the furnace fire, started the stuffy powder circle.

    H.....Depresseds long time quite soft, is stuffy quite hardly short on comparatively has the elasticity, therefore along with the product differently with you to the feeling in the mouth request, the stuffy time all has from 20 minutes to 50 minutes.

    I......After is stuffy is must use the massive cooled boiled water temperature decrease, falls to compared to the body temperature slightly high up to, then carries on the next stage.

    PS....In order to maintain the feeling in the mouth and food security, the system finishes the powder circle only may normal temperature depositing approximately three to four hours; If really uses up also thought discards was a pity very much, also may put the refrigerator preservation, only is such powder circle can gradually change hardly loses the feeling in the mouth.

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