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啟睿 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂音樂搖滾流行 · 1 0 年前

Iron Maiden的Revelations的歌詞!!!!

請問有人有Iron Maiden - Revelations的歌詞媽??







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我覺得Bruce Dickinson唱的很讚!!!

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    出自於Iron maicen專輯Piece of Mind之中

    由主唱Bruce Dickinson所寫!


    "O God of Earth and Altar,

    Bow down and hear our cry,

    Our earthly rulers falter,

    Our people drift and die,

    The walls of gold entomb us,

    The swords of scorn divide,

    Take not thy thunder from us,

    But take away our pride."

    Just a babe in the black abyss,

    No reason for a place like this,

    The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain,

    An easy way for the blind to go,

    A clever path for the fools who know

    the Secret of the Hangman - the smile on his lips.

    The light of the Blind - you'll see,

    The venom that tears my spine,

    The Eyes of the Nile are opening - you'll see.

    She came to me with a serpents kiss,

    As the Eye of the Sun Rose on her lips,

    Moonlight catches silver tears I cry,

    So we lay in the black embrace,

    And the Seed is sown in a holy place

    And I watched, and I waited for the dawn.

    The light of the Blind - you'll see,

    The venom that tears my spine,

    The Eyes of the Nile are opening - you'll see.

    Bind all of us together,

    Ablaze with Hope and Free,

    No storm or heavy weather

    Will rock the boat you'll see.

    The time has come to close your eyes

    And still the wind and rain,

    For the one who will be King

    Is the Watcher in the Ring,

    It is You.

    2006-07-30 21:31:10 補充:

    n. (名詞 noun)1.揭示;暴露;顯示[U][C]2.被揭露的真相[C][+(that)]The revelation that he was her father astonished her.他就是她父親,這一意想不到的真相使她大為震驚。3.出乎意料的事[S][(+to)]4.天啟,神示[C][U]5.(大寫)《啟示錄》(《聖經‧新約》的末卷)[the S][the P]

    2006-07-30 21:54:03 補充:

    Iron Maiden第一代的主唱是Paul Di'Anno自The Number of the Beast開始由Bruce Dickinson接任主唱到The X Factor專輯才換成Blaze Bayley,不過Bruce Dickinson仍然答應參加他們的巡迴演唱會,Blaze Bayley只參加了兩張專輯後2000年的Brave New World專輯,Bruce Dickinson才又正式歸隊

    參考資料: MY CD & WEB
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