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在國外旅遊時,我真的很不小心的踩到後面一個漂亮女生的腳,她說 "Fxxx you!",我真的很想說 "Please.",可以這樣回答嗎?我如果說了會有什麼事會發生?會有豔遇嗎?麻煩先進釋豁。

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    "會有豔遇嗎?" <<< this is really a very tough question because the actual result might vary very greatly.

    Of course "Excuse me." or "I am so sorry." are a couple of the model replies in this kind of situation. Your naughty, cute, humorous or funny replies might arouse her curiosity and interest in you, thus leading to some possible "豔遇", which I don't guarantee at all.

    Therefore you might like to respond to her with "Oops, not here.", "Your place or my place?", "Not tonight, Honey, I have a headache", "Just what I wish.".............

    However, be always reminded not to turn to these unconventional replies if you can see a male companion by her side. Take my warning, you might get squashed if you do so.

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    Being in USA for so many years and having been to quite a few Western countries, I have never been addressed "FXXX YOU!" so far. Therefore, naturally I've never had any chance to try out those unconventional replies.

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