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1. 台灣地狹人稠,環境負荷沈重,面臨之問題甚為複雜。

2. 台灣面臨人口老化,應鼓勵生育及老人退休之安養措施。

3. 鄉村地區外籍新娘增加,造成教育、文化認同之困擾。

4. 上述問題需賴各部會就社會、經濟、都市規劃、醫療福利等做全盤規劃,期望不僅達成人口控制,亦能防止人口老化,提昇整個社會生活品質。

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    1.Taiwan is crowded, the environment burden is heavy, the problem that face is very complicated.

    2.Taiwan faces the aging of the population, should encourage to grow and the peaceful caring measure of elder's retirement.

    3.Foreign bride in the country region increase, causing the harassment of education,the cultural approbation.

    4.The above-mentioned problem needs to depend on each ministry to does for the society,economy,urban planning,the medical treatment welfare...etc. to completely program, expect to not only reach the population control, also can prevent the aging of the population from, promote the whole social activities quality.

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