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    After myself the Danjiang University transportation management department graduation, enlist immediately the service. Unit I serve which in the armed force for Executive Yuan 海巡署, moreover I also participated in the officer class's training, therefore I hold the post in the armed force am most basic unit cadre corporal class leader. Most takes in 海巡 the unit is responsible for and leadership ability, therefore holds the post of corporal in the armed force cadre's period let me discipline many leaderships experiences as well as the academic society dares the responsible manner.

    After retires from the armed services enters the OOOOO work immediately, although only has short nine month-long in OOOOO the time, but because holds the post the work must be responsible to manage the operating personnel as well as with other departments' relation coordinations, therefore I also at present the work study some skills from me which needs to in office field in.However because hometown in Taichung therefore wants to look for to leave home the nearly 1. work, therefore resolutely and determinedly leaves OOOOO. Because the preceding work relations have tested a pile of high machine license also obstruct to the economical pressure therefore has looked for a warehouse tube work, however has done for three months, I discovered the warehouse tube the work too is stodgy also the challenge, therefore the decision trades own to have the interest also can display manager's work.

    Finally thank you to spend the precious time to come to see this personal history form, hoped your firm was allowed to give me an opportunity to enable me to be allowed to serve for your firm, thanks!


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    I hope you are not going to use that during your job interview... bc the translation is awful and doesn't make any sense.

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