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1.A be to B what C be to D

2.a fair amount of

3.appeal to Adj as one can any cost high speed the extreme this moment above V-ing accused of accustomed to applied to at home V-ing aware of based on dependent on devoted to different from equipped with exposed to good at V-ing in one\'s place known as sb/for sth以...聞名 meant for opposed to rich in N struck(hit)by tied up typical of wasteful of

32.become cross with sb

33.become familiar with

34.beyond description

35.bread over air航空郵件



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    3.appeal to 向..呼籲,懇求;訴諸,求助於

    ex: They never appealed to us for mercy. 他們從不向我們乞求憐憫

    ex: You should not appeal to force. 你們不應該訴諸武力 同樣多的/多達

    ex: Please give me as much again. 請再給我那麼多 any cost 在任何情況下;無論如何

    ex: He is determinded to win at any cost. 他決心無論如何要爭取勝利 accused of 被控告

    ex:(正式的) They stand accused of crimes against humanity. 他們被控違反人道罪 based on 以...作為根據/駐防於某個島嶼

    ex: The movie is based on a real-life incident. 這部電影以現實生活中的一件是為基礎 devoted to 專注於

    ex: He was still devoted to the study od chemistry. 他仍然專心研究化學 different from 跟...不一樣

    ex: Their school is different from ours. 他們的學校跟我們的不一樣 good at V-ing 擅長於某一事物

    ex: He is good at maths. 他擅長數學 known as sb/for sth以...某件事或人而出名;事眾所周知的...

    ex: He is known as a gifted orator. 眾所周知,他是一位天才演說家 meant for 指定

    ex: The apartment was originally meant for five. 這間公寓本來是準備五口人住的 rich in N富有..., ...很充足

    ex: The country is rich in resources. 這個國家資源豐富 struck(hit)by被...撞擊

    ex: He was struck by lightning. 他被閃電擊中 typical of是...的寫照,是典型的

    ex: This painting is typical of his early work. 這幅畫是他早期的代表作 wasteful of浪費的

    ex: He and his wife will not be wasteful of what is given them. 他和他太太不會浪費別人給他們的東西


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