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break a leg 的真正意思是啥?

break a leg ph. (片語 phrase)詛咒某人倒霉, 希望某人交厄運為什麼書上寫的是祝你好運這跟奇摩的解釋正好相反耶

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    Break a Leg 祝您好運,用在即將表演的出場者身上。

    In earlier times, actors wished one another “may you break your leg”, in the hope that the performance would be so successful that the performer would be called forth to take a bow — to bend his knee. 意: 在演出時,希望能夠很圓滿的演出,然後演出者,有個屈膝的動作。

    At one time audiences showed their appreciation by throwing money on the stage; to pick the coins up, actors had to break their legs, that is, kneel or bend down. 意: 當演出成功後,觀眾會丟銅板給演出者,此時為表感謝,演出者會以屈膝動作感謝。

    The curtains on either side of a stage were called the legs, so that to pass through the legs was to make it out on to the stage ready to give a good performance, or perhaps expressing the hope that you will need to pass through them at the end of the show to take a curtain call, implying your performance had been good.

    The saying really refers to getting one's big break, that the performance

    will be good enough to ensure success in one's career.

    The famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt had a leg amputated in 1915, which didn't stop her performing; it is considered good luck to mention her in the hope that some of her theatrical prowess will rub off by association. 起因: 法國的一位女演員,因為切除了腳,卻絲毫為引響她的演出。因此,變成了一種幸運的代表。

    John Wilkes Booth, the actor who assassinated President Lincoln, broke his leg when he jumped on to the stage to escape afterward. Somehow, reminding fellow actors of this event is supposed to lead to good luck in the performance. 起因: 有個男演員,為了行刺林肯,卻在逃跑時弄斷了自已的腳。因此,給了演員們一種警戒 --- 要有好的演出。