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希望翻完能夠超過120字 感恩

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    Ali Mountain plays from the young school days by each way in all is a

    happy recollection, the attractive natural scenery, the forest

    fragrance fine bath, is far away the common custom quietness, is worth

    recommending to the overseas friend's good place.

    Yesterday I thought already the nearly several years have not gone to

    Ali Mountain, temporarily conceived a plan drive Ali Mountain to

    review the former days happy recollection, but filled with the hope to

    go, disappointed turned over to, Ali Mountain has

    changed, changed good clown, both the common custom and not having,

    Man Shan automobile everywhere ran,

    Also a many uncouth temple, said the temple uncouth is the follower

    which refers consecrates (temple is person confessed), on the mountain

    has the temple not to be by no means good, but wants the standard

    follower not to be supposed that set which goes on a pilgrimage the

    flat land also to move to the mountain to come up, the din of gongs

    and drums does not put pile of golden papers which the

    firecrackers ( artillery) also burns, the entire Ali Mountain's

    esthetic sense thoroughly destroys, asked the celestial stems are dry,

    the careful things that may cause fires slogan is brings beautifies

    the environment?

    Taiwan very small, is worth introducing comes more and more few to

    overseas friend's place all previous years, because the person

    involved the nature the factor too to be many, now continually the Ali

    Mountain also wheel fell, each unconsciously?

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