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    dear mr. XXX/ ms. XXX, (我不知道您要跟誰道歉)

    we are awfully(slang, extremely) sorry for the information we offered you last time. the truth is we did not really confirm the resource and veridicality(真實性) of that information before we disclosed(透露) it to you. we did so because we have no doubt to the reliability(可靠度) of the story, according to its custom(慣例). meanwhile, due to the reason of your company is our best partner, so we thought that story was supposed to be shared between you and us.

    however, we learned the mistake by another resouce of the story so we could return to the original condition and found out the real truth eventually.

    we deeply and awfully feel guilty and sorry to you for what we have done to you. we particularly(尤其地) feel sorry for any problems which may have(可能是) caused by us, if you have made any decisions that refered to the information we had favored with you.

    we sincerely hope we could(假設語氣, 表示對方有可能拒絕和解) make up(修補) such misunderstanding and compensate for your loss. we also hope the cooperation and relationship among you and us will not be discontinued but be robust(或者是sturdy) and keep developing in the future.

    your frankly,




    參考資料: 也是常常被老婆抓包然後道歉的我
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    Dear sir/ MadamPlease accept our apology that we provided wrong information that we did not doubt check the veridicality. We are very sorry that we made a big mistake which caused the relationshio between us. Nevertheless, we still looking forward our business relationship in the future, hope we can still co-operation againMany thanksYours Sincerely