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    I deeply love the baseball, the basketball, the swimming extremely. Deeply loves the baseball is because in childhood often received the hall elder brother Xun ceramic, frequently the open area carried on the small 4 people under the building (two hall elder brother, elder brother and I) the baseball game, each time all played the delight! But most Chang Yiqiu the society member is a basketball, this is one of present young people most universal movements, therefore has also made many friends. The swimming is an interest which in the country the physical education initiates, this also is my first kind with the swimming contact, before smiles by schoolmate is frequently the non-swimmer, but present I have met the breaststroke and crawl in swimming Luo slightly! I also like music, the best partner friend which he is I study when influences mind, the classical music is studies the time good friend, this causes to study time does not will feel lonely. Very many popular songs all are from the MTV television station delai information. Own itself is also playing the guitar, but also only is understands the superficial knowledge, hoped later will be increases steadily to music sincerity