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文法選擇5.We don\'t need so much beef , and _____very expensive.A ther\'re B we\'re C it;s D you\'re6.I\'m hungry. I\'d like to have some ____.A pizza B cokes C fishes D coffee7. John and I are brother.____mother.A His B Us C Your D Our8.Tina is my cousin ; I like _____ very muchA it  B her C her D she翻譯1.四公斤的豬肉不會太多嗎?2.我們沒有錢,但是我們有很多朋友3.那時他很高,他的座位再最後一排4.那些學生鄭在位他們最喜歡的棒球選手加油5.我的生日禮物是手錶,他在電視旁邊6.這些歌手太棒了,讓我們給他們熱烈的掌聲7.她的男朋友是作家,他寫兒童故事8.我是美是老師,我在一所國小交美術

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    5.C(it's) 6.A(pizza)fishes指各種魚類,fish才是指可食的魚肉 7.D(Our) 8.B,C(her)


    1. Is not four kilograms of pork too much?

    2. We have no money but we have many friends.

    3. He was so tall that his seat was at the last row.

    4. Those students are cheering on their most favorite baseball team member.

    5. My birthday present is a watch which is near by the TV set.

    6. These singers are so excellent. Let's cheer them with strong clapping.

    7. Her boyfriend is a writer who writes stories for children.

    8. I am an art teacher, teaching art at an elementary school.

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    5.A 6.B 7.D 8.C 1.Are four kilos of pock too much?

    2.We don"t have money , but we have many friends.

    3.He was tall before ,he was in last row.

    4.These are students cheering for thair favorite baseball player.

    5.My birthday 禮物 is watch , it is next to TV .

    6.These singer are great,let"s cheer for him.

    7.Her boyfriend is writer ,he write children stories.

    8.I am art teacher ,I teach art in elementary school.

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