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請問英文問題?friend shop是啥意思....

看到一封英文信~裡面寫一句~thanks for your friend shop

請問friend shop是什麼意思呢!?

語法有錯ㄇ~用法有錯ㄇ~還是真有此用法呢?thanks a lot....

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    Thanks for the friendship.


    Thanks for your friendship.





    = It's (so) nice/kind of you to be such/that friendly.

    = So kind/nice of you to show me the/your friendship.


    ﹝Oftentimes, the very setting of such employment of this phrase might be located at the terminal of the mail/(written) letter, or served as one classification of farewell speech, involving one's politeness as well as friendship/kindness. ﹞


    definite article ﹝即 the﹞ 以及 possessive ﹝所有格﹞皆可用來修飾名詞 ﹝friendship ←「友情、友誼」;名詞 noun﹞

    In some cases, 意義傳達上,沒太大不同

    On occasion, possessive case 在語氣上較 difinite article 顯得「強調、侷促」些

    the book → 『該書』、『那本書』

    my book → 『我的書』

    口語中 ﹝in oral language﹞,抬高 ‘my’的 intonation ﹝語調﹞,有加強的修飾效果 → 「我﹝個人﹞的」

    書寫時,可大寫 MY代表加重語氣

    ﹝whereas capitalize 'my' as MY in written language could also function to emphasize the identical meaning, standing for the subsequent expressions as 'my individual' or 'my personal.'﹞

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    。Below notes the relevant supplements: If 'somebody's shop' denotes the appropriate interpretation you'd like to make out or deliver, FORGET NOT to apply a possessive rather than the noun simply, in that such noun per se doesn't expound its entire intended expression.

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    own 也可用來修飾 my 強調『我自己的』、『我個人的』試看下列不同情境的例句‧例一:A: Is the computer placed on the table over there yours?B: Yes, it's my computer. or Yes(, it's mine.)A: 那邊桌上的電腦是你的嗎?B: 是呀!我的呀!

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    ‧例二:A: Is this pink umbrella you borrowed from Lily? B: NO! It's MY umberlla! or No! It's my OWN!orNO! It's MINE! A: 這把粉色雨傘是妳向小莉借的嗎?B: 不是呀!那雨傘是我的!

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    No problem. Hope it does help out : )

    參考資料: Active personal thinking/reflection
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    Thanks for the friends.

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    thanks for your friend shop

    friend shop 也有可能

    有可能去朋友朋友的店買東西,可能給discount or very helpful.

    所以就用 friend shop 因為我猜如果打錯的話

    應該會打成 friendshop 不會刻意分開.

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