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Nomar Garciaparra又受傷了

Nomar Garciaparra 這次又受什麼傷我看他受傷次數多到已經快麻痺了今年好不容易有機會拿到東山再起獎現在又掛了有誰可以告訴我他是怎麼弄傷的

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    Nomar Garciaparra   5 | 1BCurrent Status: 15-day DL


      Photo Gallery GABRH2B3BHRRBITBBBSOSBCSOBPSLGAVG200679312601022521257167301730.398.535.327Career1150467582514973305220379725403374618929.369.543.320Nomar Garciaparra是美國時間2006年7月30日進入15天傷兵名單他是7月24日晚上道奇對教士的比賽第11局,扭傷右膝韌帶Update: Garciaparra sat out Tuesday's loss to the Padres with a strained right knee ligament and is out for at least five games, the Dodgers' official site reports. Recommendation: The injury happened in the 11th inning of Monday night's loss to the Padres. The Dodgers' wilting offense can scarcely afford to lose Garciaparra's bat, what with Jeff Kent and Bill Mueller already on the DL and J.D. Drew not hitting for power. Olmedo Saenz started in Garciaparra's place at first base.