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我有一段英文心得翻譯 , 請大大幫我解答...謝囉


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    I feel this small monkey of the east Ni him not only lovely beg for a person to like again, he will rush out to saw the Qi Qi that he liked nearby from the circus troupe not only, also ask for come some like play a funny matter, can not help letting the reader worry for him, among them, he asks for hair a big hunting dog, harming him to almost frighten to death!Afterwards after entering the house of Qi Qi return a quilt and don't know a mirror in is an oneself, harm what he get angry to think is love to copy an own devil, this details cans not helps wanting the person to laugh, this small monkey was really too lovely!!




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    Daniel the little he lovely and lovely monkey that I feel, he not only will run out to see from the circus troupe by Qi Qi that he like, also cause some interesting things that set people laughing, can't help letting readers worry for him, among them he has offended the big hunting dog , it is almost scared out of one's wits to hurt him! It is oneself when still known the mirror after entering Qi Qi's home later, hurt his angry thinking it was to like imitating one's own monster, this section of plots make people can't help wanting to laugh, this little monkey is really too lovely ! !

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