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good foot歌詞

鯊魚黑幫中 Justin Timberlake 和 Timbaland 合作的那首


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  • 1 0 年前

    "Good Foot" I aint gonna be rude dude but we're tryna tear up the place…(ooh ooh)Hey Tembo?Yeaaaaah?Don't you hate it when a dude starts actin' upLike this fellow over here with his hand on his cup?We muggin' and carryin' on!Hey JT?Yeaaaaah…Why these dudes keep starin' at us?I don't know but I'ma bouta find out wassup…Be easy don't take it too ruff… talk to 'em!(Chorus)I'm not being cocky, I Just know this..That she was looking at me!Chill homeboy be coolCoz there ain't no reason for all that fussin' at me!It's just gettin' started… And theres alotta fish around here just shakin' their jelly!(I aint tryna be rude dude but we're tryna tear up the place c'mon!)It ain't nothing to it… If you wanna get down we can do it, do it!It ain't nothing to it…Get out your seat.. (why?) You ain't glued to it!Be easy anda watch that toooone!Keep steppin' with your new suede shoes oooon!Boys and Girls lets all singalooong!Everbody just get on the good foot!(Get on the good foot)Now… how am I supposed to know?That she's yours?She ain't got no ring on her finger…(It aint our fault homeboy that your girl well, likes to wander and linger…)Your acting so serious!We just danced I even asked for her number…(Don't be mackin, we're the life of the party…We aint really tryna hurt nobody… Talk To Him Boy!)(Chorus)If you keep on pressin' on me!(That don't bother me nuttin)Cause I see every fish in the sea…(Anda I'ma get the baddest one!)You take yourself so seriously…(But you don't impress me nuttin!)(Don't be alarmed boy… we came to do no harm boy!)(Chorus x 1)(Get on the good foot)

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