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I gentle and optimistic, do things overcautious responsible , leader of kind team unity , is it combine role to analyse, thank parents\' restraint and instruction on ordinary days to me in all these. Family of me have four person in all, my father is it work to mount on woodwork, mother serve agricultural Lin Hang\'s empty measurement, the younger sister attends two skill departments of the south University of Science and Technology of Taiwan at present. One gets along happily harmoniously. Parents have educated me in way with open democracy, let me grow up under the independent environment since the childhood, so bring up my serious life attitude.

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    以下是我改過的:I am kind, optimistic and also very responsible when I do things. I also have the ability to lead, analyze and organize within a team. I should thank my parents to train me with these qualities by demanding me with obedience and giving guidance. There are four person in my family. My father works woodwork designs, my mother serves in Agricultural Forest Aviation Measurement Center, my younger sister currently attends two-year college of University of Science and Technology of Taiwan. We are one warm and happy family. Parents have educated me with democratic ways, they let me grow up in an independent environment since the childhood, therefore it helps me to form serious and responsible life attitude.

    參考資料: 住在美國十幾年的我
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