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30個關於自己的事?急(英文口說用 )


How old are you?What do you like to do in your free time?...............................或是問

What is your favorite season?Why?


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    1. What is your hobby?

    2. Please describe your house.

    3. Tell me about your family.

    4. Which sort of music do you like to hear to?

    5. Which kind of sport do you like best?

    6. Who is your best friend in school or in work?

    7. Which country would you like to visit in the future?

    8. Do you like the environment you live in? Why or why not?

    9. Which kind of hair style you like the most?

    10. Please tell me about the movie you watch recently.

    11. Do you feed pets? If yes, describe it, if no, do you wish to have one?

    12. Please tell me about your outfit today.

    13. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities?

    14. How would you plan a one-day trip in your hometown?

    15. How would you introduce Taiwan to a foreigner?

    16. Which season you like the most?

    17. Do you hate to go to a dentist?

    18. How often do you cut your hair?

    19. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Why?

    20. What kind of fruit you like the most? Why?

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    以下還有10個21. Which kind of weather do you prefer? Why?22. Which subject do you like the most? Why?23. Do you know how to play any kind of instrument? If no, do you wish to try one?24. Which type of book do you like to read most? Why?25. Do you like to visit other country? Why?

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    26. Tell me how if you know the procedure to prepare any kind of dish.]27. Do you prefer to take a car or a bus? Why?28. Do you prefer Eastern or Western food? Why?29. Do you think surfing Internet is good for everyone?30. Do you usually help with house work in the house?

    參考資料: me
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    1.What food do you like to eat ?

    2.What's your zodiac ?

    3.What are you wearing today ? Do you look good on them ?

    4.Where are you going this weekend ?

    5.Who is the singer you like the best ? Why?

    6.When is your birthday ?

    7.What are you going to do on your summer vacation ?

    8.Describe your bedroom. Why is it special to you ?

    9.What is your happiest memory ?

    10.If you had a magic lamp,what would you wish for ?

    11.What do you think school should teach you ?

    12.What are you most afraid of ?How can you overcome this fear ?

    13.Do you think there is life on other planets ?Why ?

    14.What is your best way to learn English ?

    15.Do you like to sing karaoke ?

    16.What kind of job would you like to have ?

    17.Do you wear glasses ?

    18.Do you like crowded places ?

    19.What is your favorite holiday ?

    20.Do you take the bus everyday ?

    21.Are you shy or outgoing ?

    22.What's your most precious possession ?

    23.What is your hobby ?

    24.How do you go to school ?

    25.When do you usually wake up ?

    26.What is your favorite movie ?

    27.What do you usually do when you are sad ?

    28.When do you go to school ?

    29.What is your favorite toy ?

    30.When you feel happy,what do you like to do ?

    參考資料: 金頭腦..小丹尼
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    How old are you?

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    What is your favorite season?

    (You got 3 down already :) )

    4. What is your favorite sport?

    5. What is your favorite food?

    6. What is your favorite drink?

    7. When did you graduate from high school?

    8. When will you be graduating from high school?

    9. Are you attending a college?

    10. Do you like any animals?

    11. Do you know how to swim?

    12. Do you live with your family?

    13. How tall are you?

    14. Why do you want to study (learn) English?

    15. Do you like to travel?

    16. Which country do you want to visit?

    17. Haven't you been to any other countries?

    18. Are you living with your parents?

    19. Do you go to any school now?

    20. What is your favorite subject in the school?

    21. Do you like shopping?

    22. Do you know how to drive?

    23. Where does your family usually go in the weekend?

    24. What does your family usually do in the weekend?

    25. Do you speak English often at work?

    26. Have you been to the USA?

    27. Do you like to sing?

    28. Tell me more about yourself?

    29. Do you like to read a book?

    30. Are you taking any English class now?

    31. Do you like to go to a movie?

    32. Who is your best friend? And how long have you known each other?

    33. Do you like to watch TV? What is your favorite program?

    34. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

    35. Do you speak other languages?

    Will those questions help you?

    參考資料: Me
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