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上次去灣區是三年前 陪朋友看房子 嚇死人的貴



你們覺得小家庭用租還是買的好呢 謝謝

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    Well, if you want to live in good school district, the price is still very high. In a typical good school district, a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse call cost you $550K to even $650K. The price for house under $1 million does not change too much. The price for house between $1 million to $1.5 million drops somewhat. The biggest drop is for the house of range $1.5 million to $2 million. If you are looking for house under $600K, you need to look for area of bad school district and higher crime rate. A rule of thumb to estimate to the average house price in good school district is 1000 x school API score (an index to estimate how good the school is. The max score is 1000). For example, for a very good elementary school with API score around 950, the average house price (single family home) is about $950K. Actually in the area I live (the elementary school is No.4 in California, the middle school and high school is in top 5 of California, a 3 bed 2 bath house costs about $950K to about $1 million. Some 3 and 4 bedroom 2 bathrooms townhouse cost $700K to $800K.

    The rent is going up in the recent months. If you will only live here for a temporarily period, it maybe better to rent.

    參考資料: I live in West San Jose, Cupertino Area of Silicon Valley
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    現在不管在美國那裡房價都高的嚇死人尤其是加洲, 舊一點小一點的房子差不多都從3-40萬美金起跳兩個月前房價有在跌一些可是依我看現在還不是買的好時機 最近個房價又有一些起浮. 小家庭現在用租的會比較好一些